Special Stars

This class focuses on teaching basic dance movements while accommodating our students with disabilities, for all ages. For this class, we have paired dance instructors with special education teachers and dance buddies to help meet the needs of all dancers. 

This class is structured for dancers of any age. Along with the dance instruction, the support of special education teachers and high school helpers, students are given instruction along with visual supports and verbal and/physical prompts as needed. Accommodations, sensory breaks and behavioral supports are provided based on individual needs. If any dancer demonstrates behaviors of physical aggression or other unsafe behaviors, they may not continue to participate and will be refunded for the remaining classes of that session. This session, special stars will be a combination of dancing skills from ballet and jazz and may even dabble in tap!

Special Stars is an 8 week session October 25 – December 20. Class is on Wednesday evenings from 7:00pm-8:00pm. There will be no class the week of Thanksgiving. 

$175/8 weeks

What Parents Are Saying

Special Stars ⭐️ has been truly an amazing experience for my daughter (11year old) and myself. 

The teachers are licensed in Special Education which makes the program move so smoothly. I typically get anxious about whether or not my daughter will be able to handle new classes but the staff at McDonald Dance always puts me at ease. 

Don’t hesitate for a minute on signing your child up. You’ll be more than happy you did!

Chrissy D

Special STARS has been an amazing experience! The staff is so patient and has a huge heart. They work with what your child can do. Cannot wait to sign up again.

Lauren S

Special Stars is an amazing program! My daughter Lily is 9 and has Autism.  She loves to dance and we spent years looking for a program like this. McDonald Dance Academy understands the needs of the participants and utilizes visual schedules & tools and pairs the kids with a seasoned dancer from their Academy. 

There is also a community feel amongst the other parents that was a pleasant surprise to me. I always felt like I’m on my own journey with my kids until this incredible group of moms made me feel a part of their community. Both Lily and I are excited for the next session to begin!

Laura F