Day of Dance 

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Day of Dance is our end of year performance for all of our current students. The philosophy of Arlington Dance Academy is to give our students an opportunity to perform what they have learned in the past year and for parents to show their support for their child’s effort. We believe in putting on a traditional recital, not a grandiose production.

Please note, the following Day of Dance Procedures do not apply to the “Dance with Me!” class. These classes will have a class showing on the following dates at the studio.

  • The Monday 10:30 a.m. class will have a showing on Monday, May 13 at 10:30 a.m.
  • The Saturday 9:00 a.m. class will have a showing on Saturday, May 18 at 9:00 a.m.

Photos by Kelly Stachura Photography

General Information

When is the Day of Dance? 

Our Day of Dance will take place on Saturday, May 18 and Sunday, May 19, 2024.

Which day will my dancer perform? 

There is an official show schedule posted online. Simply locate your dancer’s class(es) and note the day and time of the performance. Some higher-level classes as well as our Ensemble perform in more than one show. Please read the schedule carefully. Please note this is not the show order.

Where will the performance be? 

Both the Performance and the Dress Rehearsal will take place at Barrington High School at 616 W. Main St., Barrington, IL 60010.

Why did you choose Barrington High School? 

To meet the needs of the families and friends who wish to see their dancers perform, we chose a local theater that accommodates approximately 650 guests per performance. We are fortunate to be able to use the Barrington High School’s theater as most area high schools seat only 450 guests.

Are dancers required to participate in the Day of Dance? 

Dancers who miss more than three dates of any given class between April 6 – May 16 will not be able to participate in the recital. They will have missed half of the rehearsals for the show and will not be prepared to go on stage.

Dance is a performance art; however, we understand that some students do not wish to participate in the performing aspect of dance. We do not want to pressure anyone to do something they are uncomfortable with. Once your child has committed to the recital, we expect the dancer to attend class on a regular basis. Good classroom attendance is vital to the choreography and to developing a strong working relationship with the other dancers in the piece. This relationship helps the student feel comfortable, confident and relaxed on stage. Dancers who choose not to participate in the recital will still learn the dance with the entire class. Learning a routine helps the dancer understand sequencing and timing. Additionally, new material from the curriculum will continue to be introduced.

What is the Mandatory Attendance Policy? 

Dancers who miss more than three dates of any given class between April 6 – May 16 will not be able to participate in the recital. They will have missed half of the rehearsals for the show and will not be prepared to go on stage.

Performance Information

How much of the class time is dedicated to learning the performance piece? 

The performance piece will be worked on during the last part of each class. All the dances will be made up of steps that the students have been working on in the classroom. We will continue to teach curriculum throughout the semester and will not spend the entire class period working on the recital dance unless necessary.

What time do the dancers need to be at the theater for the Performance?  

½ hour before the show.

Please have your dancer at the theater at least a ½ hour before show time in costume, shoes and make-up. If you have a young child, please be sure your child uses the restroom immediately before drop off. We will have our Parent Designees, Ensemble Parents and Ensemble Students escort them backstage, help them find their group, entertain them and quiet nerves.

Are parents allowed backstage before or during the Performance?


Parents are not allowed backstage. We find that having parents backstage can be very distracting for the children, can raise their level of anxiety and often sets off a chain of requests for parents.

What can my young child expect to happen backstage during the Performance?

Teachers, Class Helpers, our Ensemble members and Ensemble parents will escort the dancers to their designated area. Your dancer will stay in the staging area with their class until the class performs. After the performance, your child will return to the same staging area for the rest of the show. Your child will be supervised at all times.

We do not allow any snacks or juices backstage; however, your child is welcome to bring a book. Please be sure to label everything. If you have a young child, you can help make this a smooth transition by explaining, in a very positive and up-beat manner, what is going to happen on the day of recital.

Can I volunteer to help backstage during the Performance?


We do not need any backstage volunteers.  This will allow the parents of the performers to relax and enjoy their child’s accomplishments. Additionally, the Ensemble parents will be assisting during the shows. They have a great deal of show experience and can help make sure everything runs smoothly.

How long will each show be?

All performances are approximately 1½ hours long, except the Saturday Evening Performance which will last approximately 2 hours. Please remain seated through the entire show. Getting up during the show is both disruptive and disrespectful.

What if my child refuses to perform on the day of the show?

While we encourage each child to perform, we will not force any child to go on stage. Some children can feel overwhelmed or scared by the setting and the audience. If your child does not go on stage for the performance, please give them your understanding and support.

Where do I pick up my child after the show?

To ensure a calm and safe dismissal, you will be directed to a specific area of the theater to pick up your child. We are concerned with your child’s safety and we will not allow a child to wander out unescorted.

Can I retrieve my dancer at the end of their performance before the entire show is finished?

No. We cannot release any student before the end of a show, for the safety of our students. Any exception must be addressed with the Director prior to the week of the performance.

Can I take photographs/video of the performances?


If you wish to videotape your dancer, you may only do so at the Dress Rehearsal. But remember, only one adult (and no children) are permitted at the rehearsal. A professional videographer has been contracted to record the shows. When you registered for session 2, you paid for a link to all 6 shows! The links will be distributed via email shortly after the recital weekend. There will be NO DVD sales.

No photography of any kind is ever permitted – for the safety of your child (it can temporarily blind your child, disorienting your child, causing your child to trip or fall and get hurt). Also, the light emitted by these devices (screen, red lights, etc.) are extremely distracting to audience members. Photos may be taken outside the theater before or after the show or rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal Information

When will the Dress Rehearsal be? 

The Dress Rehearsal will take place on the evenings of Friday May 17 and Saturday May 18. Please refer to the Dress Rehearsal Schedule for your dancer’s day and time.

What time do dancers need to be at the theater for the Dress Rehearsal? 

Please arrive 15 minutes BEFORE your scheduled rehearsal block of time. This provides sufficient time for your dancer to be in place when we call their piece. Please note, pieces ARE NOT listed in the order that they will be rehearsed, but rather by level. Therefore, your dancer needs to arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to their scheduled time block. Please plan for traffic and add an EXTRA 30 minutes to your normal travel time.

What should dancers wear to the Dress Rehearsal? 

All dancers should arrive in their costumes with their hair done and NO make-up.

Where should dancers go for the Dress Rehearsal? 

The Dress Rehearsal will take place at Barrington High School. Dancers should go to their designated area. Signs will be posted. They will be escorted backstage by a teacher, class helper, an Ensemble member or an Ensemble parent.

Are siblings allowed at Dress Rehearsal? 


Siblings or other dancers are NOT allowed in the theater at the Dress Rehearsal. This includes your other children who dance at the studio. Siblings who are rehearsing on the same day may report to a monitored waiting area in the dressing rooms until their scheduled rehearsal time. Please make your own babysitting arrangements for your other children during Dress Rehearsal. If you bring siblings, you will be asked to wait in the lobby with your children and you will not be allowed to enter the theater to watch the rehearsal. No food, drink or strollers are allowed in the theater or backstage at any time.

What can we expect at Dress Rehearsal? 

We will be running each dance once unless there is a technical problem requiring a second run through. We cannot run the piece again for dancers who arrive late. Only one parent may wait, watch or videotape (no flash photography) in the theater. There must be silence in the theater while dress rehearsal is taking place, as a courtesy to the dancers on stage, teachers, technical support staff and other parents videotaping dances. Dancers will be released at the end of their rehearsal time. While we strive to stay on schedule, unforeseen challenges may affect our schedule.

Costume Information

What type of costume can I expect? 

We believe in highlighting the dancer. Our costumes are simple. Please make sure you have clean shoes and tights. You may check with your child’s teacher if you are unsure of what other clothing will be needed in addition to the costume.

When will we receive the costume? 

All costumes will be handed out in class in the middle of April. Teachers will have students try on the costume and explain what they need to do with each costume piece, make-up and hair. If you miss class the week costumes are handed out, please stop by the office between 3:30-6:00 p.m. the week of April 24 to pick it up. All costumes must be picked up before Picture Day, May 5. Please do not allow your dancer to play with the costume until after the recital.

Ticket Information

How much are the tickets? 

Tickets are $20, plus processing and handling. All sales are final. This covers the cost of the theater, technical staff, and the program. Each audience member must have a ticket. All ticket sales will be handled online or through a QR code at the door.

Do I need to purchase a ticket for my 2-year old? 

A child age 4 or younger may sit on your lap during the performance; therefore, you will not need to purchase a ticket. Please remember strollers and car seats cannot be in the aisles. If you would like to leave your child in a portable car seat, or have their own seat, you will need to purchase a ticket.

What are the procedures for the Ticket Sale? 

Tickets will be available for purchase online through TutuTix beginning at 9 a.m., Monday, April 8. The link will be posted to our website. There is a limit of 6 tickets per family, per show. If there are any unsold tickets as of April 22, you may purchase additional tickets. Ticket prices increase after May 17. Shows do sell out. If any tickets are still available on the day of the performance, they will be available for purchase through a QR code at the theater door. Cash payments will not be allowed.

Picture Day Information

What is Picture Day? 

Picture Day is an opportunity to have professional photos of your dancer in costume. There is no obligation to purchase pictures. Memory Makers handles the scheduling and payment for pictures. An email will be sent with all of the proper links for Picture Day. Information and links will also be posted to the Picture Day page on our website.

Please note: for personal safety and that of the expensive equipment, the photographers do not allow parents in the studio with their child. Please make your child aware of this. If this will distress your child, please feel free to skip Picture Day

When is Picture Day? 

Picture Day will take place at the Studio on Sunday, May 5. Pre-order your photos and book your time slot online. Individual or group photos can be scheduled by visiting the Picture Day page on our website. We will not be doing class photos. If you want to create a group you may do so in a time slot. If you are doing more than one photo slot please allow enough time in between slots for your child to change into their other costumes.

Please be on time…in costume and hair done.