Class Placement Guidelines

Younger dancers ages 3-8: 

Younger dancers should register according to the age guidelines listed on the schedule. For example, students registering for a pre-ballet with tap 3-4 year old class must be turning age 3 by Sept. 1.

Ballet Guidelines: 

After completing a year at ballet 2, two ballet classes per week are recommended to all ballet students at Arlington Dance Academy. It is common for students to repeat ballet levels and to remain in a level for several years within our program. Repeating a level does not mean a student is held back or failed, it is simply the next level of progression. Yearly progression after a year in ballet 2 may be, but is not limited to:
B2 with B3
B3 with B3
B3 with B4
B4 with B4
Opting to take one ballet class per week when recommended two at a B3 level and above can slow progression for some students. If one ballet class is preferred, and the recommendation included two levels, registration should be for the lower-level ballet class. If a dancer wants to take more than the recommended classes, the additional class must be by instructor approval

Jazz, Modern, Tap, Hip Hop Guidelines: 

The levels in these disciplines are structured a bit differently. Students may repeat a level for two years or more. Again, this does not mean they are failing it is simply the amount of material covered in each level can take more than a year to cover.


Dancers sign up for contemporary classes based on the ballet or jazz level they are currently taking.
Contemporary (Levels 3-5) – For students currently enrolled in a ballet or jazz level 3-5
Contemporary (Levels 6+) – For students currently enrolled in a ballet or jazz level 6 or higher
Our level system and our class recommendations are intended to provide our dancers with the best support for their personal growth and technical development. Students are evaluated individually. Students can progress at different rates.
Our teachers monitor progress throughout the year. All promotions in a level are by teacher recommendation.
We take pride in the quality of training we provide and hope you help spread the word about our program. We are looking forward to an amazing year.
See you in class!